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Protect your loved ones

We are leading the way with the highest quality approved masks. Take care of your business and family with our premium masks. Businesses, Service Companies, Health Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, Schools, Government Groups, Minority and Women Owned companies and many more by our masks for their needs. 

Covid Health Masks

Whether you're protecting your family, employees, yourself or your clients, we've got you covered. In these unique times we've done all we can to ensure you have enough masks to protect everyone. 

Our masks have passed all rigorous testing and approvals. They are the highest quality available at the lowest prices. Our goal is focused on helping as many people as possible and we appreciate your efforts to help us in our goal!


Thanks CVM for all you're doing! Your masks are perfect for all our customers and we are supporting many families that need them as well. Keep up the great work.

Intermountain Health

I was worried about a minimum order of 400 but the masks were used so fast that I am having to reorder every 2 weeks. Don't underestimate the importance of having enough masks. Covid Health Masks you're the best and I appreciate you having large quantities at the best prices!


Exactly what I needed. I own a janitorial service and my clients love that I have my team wearing masks. It's all about protecting everyone we can at this point and Thanks Covid Health Masks!

Kendall - Chicago Serve Pro